Volunteer Work on Bali

In addition to the internships, minor programs and graduation assignments that BLS Internships Bali offers, we also offer the opportunity to do volunteer work through us.

Volunteering in Indonesia and Bali offers many opportunities to help local people and projects where necessary. Helping varies from coaching or training a headmaster to providing small services for a project.

BLS Internships Bali offers:

– Teach English to children or teenagers from kindergarten to senior high school

-Different maintaining or other services on various projects for mentally and or physically disabled children and teenagers

– Coach / train teachers and management staff at various schools and projects

-Help with projects aimed at increasing knowledge about sustainability and a better environment for everyone.

-We like to help at and think along with specific wishes or qualities of people who would like to help in Bali and where they can use their help. Mail us with your questions!

At BLS Internships Bali we have several options to suit your wishes and time options. With us you can choose between a minimum of one week of voluntary work and a maximum of 2 months (60 days). The maximum duration of 60 days has to do with applying for your visa.


For arranging and guiding the entire process before and during your period of volunteer work through BLS Internships Bali, we charge a one-time amount of 260 euros. Included in the mediation costs are:

– Arranging a volunteer workplace

– Pick up from the airport in Bali

– Local number and internet package for your phone

– Process guidance during your time in Bali

– Introduction to the school or project where you are going to help

– Certificate and proof of volunteering

In addition, we offer the opportunity to help you find accommodation and local transport. This package that we offer costs 225 euros per week or 600 euros per month on top of the mediation fee mentioned above.

(The big price difference between a week and month is due to the fact that in Indonesia the price per day is charged for renting a scooter or room or per month).

This additional package includes:

– Your whereabouts

– Two meals a day arranged (Breakfast and lunch)

– Scooter (Vario 125 from Honda or Scoopy from Honda)


Sign up now or send your questions to blsinternshipsbali@gmail.com