Internship package and Prices

An internship in Indonesia and especially in Bali is a real exciting experience.
Universities and colleges in Europe gives you the freedom to gain this wonderful
experience as part of your education. For many students, an internship abroad is a
onetime opportunity and an enrichment of your life.

For the mediation between you and a suitable internship, BLS Internships Bali is
asking a fee. Here you can see what you can expect from us and what is included in the
mediation fee.

The mediation fee is € 500,- euro’s.

Included in the fee are the following:

  • Pick up from the airport in Denpasar, Bali
  • Internship, minor or your thesis research place
  • English, Dutch, German and Indonesian speaking process supervisor during your internship
  • Organizing accommodation (costs not included in the mediation fee)
  •  Sponsor letter to apply for your visa (costs for applying and the extension of the visa are for your own expenses)
  • Local telephone number for your telephone with internet option
    (this must be registered with your passport)
  • If needed and wanted, the possibility to rent a scooter (costs are for the students
    or volunteers themselves)

Also included:

  • An introduction tour where we introduce you to the environment and give useful tips about your new place of residence.
  • Experiencing a Hindu ceremony  where you join together with the Balinese people and are dressed in traditional clothing.
  • Attending a Balinese traditional dance performance in a temple. (if you do your internship in the Ubud region)
  • We organize a tour to watch dolphins in the morning during sunrise (if you do your internship in the Singaraja region)
  • The possibility to do various outdoor, snorkeling or diving activities through our connections.
  • PT Bali Latihan Singaraja has emergency telephone numbers where we provide assistance 24 hours a day. This is possible in the languages ​​Dutch, English, German and Indonesian.
    This number is also available for parents or guardians in your home country so that they can also reach us.
  • We are happy to help parents, family or friends when they come to visit you with accommodation or advice about their stay.

Not included in the mediation costs

  • Your flight ticket, visa (costs) and immunizations etc.
  • Insurance and liability insurance
  • Accommodation costs
  • Renting a motorcycle / scooter, not necessary but advisable.

The payment to BLS Internships Bali takes place after the internship contract between your university or college, internship place and student has been signed. Then we will initiate the visa application procedure for you.

Tips to finance your internships abroad

BLS Internships thinks along with you and below are some ways to finance your internship, minor or graduation assignment.

  1. Individual funds from your study program:
  2. Stopping your public transport student year card. This can bring you around 90 euros per month.
  3. Apply for non-resident student finance if available in your country
  4. Ask family members to assist you financially in addition to your student finance.
  5. A part-time job alongside your studies to make this unforgettable time possible

How much do you need financially to stay in Bali?

Prices in Indonesia are considerably lower than in Europe.

On average, a student can easily manage with 650 to 700 euros per month included accommodation.

The majority of the students go out for dinner every day. It is cheaper to go out for food in Bali than to cook for yourself. For around 2 euros you already have a local dish in Bali and you can get a fresh fruit juice for 1.50 euros. For western food you spend around 5 euros with a soft drink.