Frequently asked questions

Do I need vaccinations for Bali?

Yes, for a visit / internship to Bali you need a number of vaccinations, the best thing is to ask the doctor well in advance before departure (2 months) which one you need.

Do I need a Visum?

Yes, you need a visa for Indonesia and therefore Bali. There are different types of visas available for different internship / minor or graduation assignments.
Your sponsor will be responsible for your stay in Indonesia. A social cultural visa is valid for 60 days, after which it must be renewed every 30 days at the immigration service in Indonesia. You will receive more information about this as soon as we have reached an agreement for an internship.

We recommend that applying for your visa should be done no later than 6 weeks before departure to Bali.
Which documents are required for applying for a your visa?

1. You have a scan of your valid passport (with a validity longer than 6 months from the date of application) with at least empty 6 pages;
2. Passport photo
3. You complete the immigration application form.
4. You have a valid flight ticket with outward and return flights.
5. You bring the documents that you receive from us.
6. Contract + proof of registration

You send us these documents by e-mail to Social cultural visa and Limited Stay Visa extensions in Indonesia Your social cultural visa is valid for the total duration of 180 days (6 months). The visa gives you the opportunity to stay in Indonesia for the first 60 days after arrival. If you stay longer than 60 days, then every extra month requires an extension to the maximum duration of 6 months. This depends on how long you will do an internship in Indonesia. The costs per extension of the visa are around 60 euros.

Do I work together with other interns?

Yes, we always try to place you in a place with other interns so that you have mutual support. If you do not want this, we will of course take this into account.

Do I have free time during my internship?

Yes, most internship places have Sunday off. A number of projects also on Saturdays. You follow the normal Balinese school holidays that apply to your internship location. Indonesian holidays are plentiful and if your internship place follows this calendar then you also have a day off. In addition, there is room to take a number of days off after consultation with your supervisor, for example, if your parents or friend comes in.

When should I register for an internship, minor or graduation assignment?

We recommend that you contact us 6 months before the start of your internship. There is a lot to arrange besides your studies in your home country and sometimes it takes time to arrange everything at your internship location in terms of the assignment that you are going to do and applying for the visa.

What are the conditions for an internship?

To do an internship in Indonesia it is important that you meet the following conditions:
You are at least 18 years old and are registered with a training institute in your country.
You are insured during the internship against medical expenses, accidents and liability.
You speak English and you are willing to learn basic Indonesian if necessary.

What about internship allowances?

Indonesian law prohibits companies and organizations from paying benefits / salaries to trainees. Besides that, employers see an internship as a service for students who want to gain experience in their company. You get the chance to gain practical experience and the company provides you with the necessary guidance.

Is a stay in Indonesia safe?

Indonesia can be seen as a relatively safe country with warm and open people. The philosophy is that you give more than you take. Nevertheless, it is always good not to be careless and to respect the rules and etiquette of the country. In some, mainly nightlife areas, pickpockets are active, so keep this in mind.

Is life expensive in Indonesia?

Products in Indonesia are on average 3 times cheaper than in western Europe. Everything of course is dependent on your personal standard of living. Take into account a spending pattern of between 600-700 euro's per month incl. Accommodation, but everything ultimately depends on your personal spending pattern.

How is transportation arranged in Bali?

Almost all students on Bali use their own scooter. You can easily rent this at one of our contacts for a cheap rate, this will also be delivered to your accommodation when you arrive at your accommodation. You pay monthly and you can easily move around the entire island. You have a full tank for around 3.50 euro's. In some places on Bali a bicycle is also easy but you will have to get used to the traffic and especially the heat.


BLS Internships Bali does not charge before we found a matching internship place for you. Therefore, a student may cancel an internship for free until the moment of introduction with the internship organization. When a student cancels the activities of the internship search after getting acquainted with the internship company, regardless of the reason, we charge a 45 euro admin cancellation fee for the administration costs incurred. After the internship contract signature and payment of the invoice, no refund applies for a part or the total invoice amount if a cancellation occurs by one of the parties in the signed internship contract.