Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person.

BLS Internships Bali is an internship agency based in Bali, Indonesia.

What do we stand for?

BLS Internships Bali is an internship placement agency on Bali in Indonesia and we offer students internship places in Bali. In addition, there are opportunities to follow a minor program from your University at one of our internship places. A (university) graduation assignment is also possible. It can  be difficult from your country to find the right place that matches your wishes and the requirements of your education. BLS Internships Bali has years of experience in the various work areas on Bali and knows exactly how they can arrange the preconditions for you on the island so that you can start your internship without worries!

The name and business BLS Internships Bali is an Indonesian consulting company with an official license to facilitate the various study components of your education here in Bali. The Indonesian company Bali Latihan Singaraja has built up a  network in recent years with educational institutions and companies in both Indonesia and the Europe and mainly the Netherlands.

The BLS Internships Bali team consists of enthusiastic employees who do everything to make your internship a great experience. The people behind the company have years of experience in the social field as well as the business life in Bali.

Our goal is to give our trainees a unique experience that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. We do this in such a way that the ties between both your country and Indonesia are strengthened and your internship period leaves a positive effect for all parties.

Why do students choose BLS Internships Bali?

  • Personal English, Dutch and German speaking assistance on Bali.
  • Supervision for students from the first contact until they return to their country. Not only for your internship but also for other matters.
  • Contact with your home front of the students if desired.
  • Internships and graduation assignments for University and collage level students.
  • Quality always goes beyond quantity
  • Specially coordinated internships that match your wishes and requirements of your education in numerous fields.

Process supervision

For BLS Internships Bali it is important that students are not left alone during the internship. Because we are present in Bali, we can assist you on site where necessary. We carry out an interim evaluation with the student and the internship company. BLS Internships Bali is always available in case something unexpected happens during your internship. BLS Internships Bali will of course also assist you if you have questions about your internship or other matters and we will help you where possible. BLS Internships Bali offers you and your family back home to maintain contact if this is necessary and desired.

BLS Internships Bali stands for good and fast communication from the first day that you contact us. Our team tries to empathize with the specific wishes of you as a student.

We find quality very important, arranging a quality internship costs energy and maintains constant contact with the internship companies. At BLS Internships Bali we know the standard an internship place must have to meet the conditions of your university. Constantly delivering the best internships gives us a reason to exist and we maintain good relationships with both internship organizations and students.

BLS Internships Bali is happy to help you find the right internship, but also has opportunities to follow subsidiary study program at one of our partner organizations in Bali or to carry out a graduation assignment.

Due to our relationships with governments and organizations in Bali, we have a wonderful internship package for the following study options:

Connecting Study Programs

  • Social work, Applied psychology, Pedagogy, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Cultural social training, Social pedagogical help.
  • Sports Sciences, Sports and Management, Sports and Exercise, Sports and Nutrition, Psychomotor Therapy, Movement Therapy.
  • Business Studies, Communication, Marketing, Management, Cyber ​​Security.