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Welcome to BLS Internships Bali, the internship agency on Bali that ensures an unforgettable internship for you! Here you will find all information about doing an internship, following a side study minor program, study research or volunteer work in Bali. We provide the suitable place where you as a university or college student can enjoy your internship abroad and all the beauty that Bali has to offer without any worries. Our goal is that the local projects and schools where you will do your internship can fully benefit from your knowledge and motivation so that your internship makes a real difference in the community.

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“My internship on Bali started in August 2016, and I looked really forward to my internship on Bali at a school for disabled children. It was (especially in the beginning) difficult because I had to arrange everything for my visa and paperwork for my university but here I got great help thanks to Julian.”

Nika, student from Inholland University Haarlem, Sports (September 2016 – January 2017)

“February 3, 2015 I arrived with a classmate on the island of Bali to do an internship at a school for disabled children. We were literally warm welcomed despite it was the middle of the night.”

Pieter van der Bent PMT student of Windesheim University Zwolle (February 2015 – June 2015)

“During my internship in Bali, I was guided/ supervised by Julian. What was very nice that the contact was in Dutch. I experienced this guidance suited better to my Dutch education.”

Anique (September 2016 till January 2017)

“During my Taxonomy of Cognitive Learning training I did an internship five months on the beautiful island of Bali in 2013. I spent my time in Ubud, in the center of Bali.”

Fleur (September 2013 – January 2014)

“Last year I did an internship at Bali for half a year for my social work study. And it was the best time of my life”!

Pien Otto, Social Work student University of Leiden(February 2018 till July 2018)
Social Work student Applie Science Hogeschool Leiden

“I want to thank BLS Internships Bali for the great guidance and I recommend this fantastic experience to everyone!!?? — feeling blessed”.

Jeroen de Graaff (February 2018 – July 2018)
Social work student Inholland Den Haag

“Next of my internship I have done so many great trips, seen and eaten a lot and above all enjoyed the beauty that Bali has to offer”.

Marisca Keur (February 2018 – July 2018)
Social work student at the university of Leiden

“I have experienced the supervision from BLS Internships Bali as very involved and personal.”

David de Jong (June 2015 till November 2015)
Social Work and Services NHL Leeuwarden

“Anyone looking for an experience of a life time with a community of wonderful, kind and very competent people – look no further as BLS Internships is your ticket to an internship in paradise”.

Nadja El Fertasi
Social Entrepreneur and former Senior Advisor at the Nato